The Best Time of the Day for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is an interesting endeavor. For people like me, who live to fish especially in the flowing waters that a river or stream provides, the winter is a difficult time of the year. Fishing in the way that I enjoy is often about as fruitful as spitting in the wind, so if I want to feel the pull of a hooked fish, my best bet is to get out and do a little ice fishing. One of the problems that I used to find on fishing in ice is that there’s often a lot of waiting and very little catching going on.

Ice FishingI learned that this doesn’t have to be the case, as I have found that if you maximize your ice fishing time by being on the ice when the fish will be the most active you are much more likely to experience success. Now obviously this is the case no matter what type of water you are fishing in or what the temperature is, but during the winter when fish tend to be lethargic and much less active, the phenomenon is even more pronounced. This is why it is vitally important that you are on the ice at the best time of day for experiencing success, if you want to feel that “pull” that I was talking about earlier.

While there are multiple factors that go into determining the best time of day for fishing in the ice and one of the simplest, easiest, and most effective to monitor and utilize is the moon. And not just “the moon”, but specifically when the moon is rising and/or setting. Whether or not you are aware of it the moon rises and sets everyday just like the sun and the hour or two window of time that brackets either one of these events is very important to fishermen (or in this case ice fishermen).

You see, I have found that when the moon is either rising or setting, fish tend to be much more active than they are during other times of the day and when fish are active they are much more likely to be feeding. Does this sound like something that you might be interested in? Of course it does, because as fishermen we know that when fish are feeding we are much more likely to catch them when we are fishing.

So, if you want to know the best time of day for ice fishing, it’s whenever the moon is rising or setting. Be on the ice in this hour or two window that takes place two times every day and your success rates should begin to increase. How do you know when the moon rise/set is taking place every day (because it doesn’t necessarily correlate with the sun rise/set)? Just do a quick internet search for the term ‘moon rise’ and you will get all the free tables and tools that you need.

best time for ice fishing

While the out and out best time of the day for ice fishing will vary depending on a myriad of factors, the moon rise and set is certainly one of them and in my experience one of the most important factors. Use this simple information and experience more success the next time that you head out winter fishing.